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The Genesis GV80 is a luxury SUV that just happens to run on hydrogen

The Genesis GV80 is a luxury SUV that just happens to run on hydrogen


Come for the luxury interior, stay for the eco-friendly emissions

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The hydrogen fuel cell bandwagon is getting crowded. Despite the limitations of the technology (California is the only state with fueling infrastructure), major brands like Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, and Kia say they want to mass-produce more zero-emission, fuel cell vehicles. Now Genesis, a luxury brand spun off from Hyundai, is joining the pack with its new concept, the GV80.

Genesis says the luxury SUV concept utilizes “the latest plug-in hydrogen fuel cell electric technology to combine eco-performance and capability, all skillfully designed to fulfill the needs and explore the escapes of the urban adventurer.” That means the vehicle is powered by electricity generated from both a rechargeable battery and hydrogen fuel cells.

Genesis didn’t provide many more details beyond that brief description. And of course, the company doesn’t really have to. The GV80 is just a concept, so it’s no guarantee that the vehicle will ever actually get made. Still, the idea that a brand known for luxury vehicles is pursuing hydrogen-powered propulsion, when the latest craze is Tesla-inspired battery technology.

But what really stands out about this car is its luxurious interior, including a lot of high-teach features like an extremely wide 22-inch OLED curved “infinity display.” When I say wide, I mean this thing stretches clear across the entire dashboard, displaying traditional infotainment applications along with driver information.

The GV80 isn’t the only concept that claims to “embrace the urban and outdoor experience.” Toyota’s FT-4X was also designed to appeal to city-dwellers who pine for the deep woods. But unlike the extremely campy (in both senses of the word) FT-4X, the Genesis GV80 is all red-leather, polished aluminum, and organic ash wood luxury.