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Google’s Chrome VR platform now works with Cardboard

Google’s Chrome VR platform now works with Cardboard

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After adding support for WebVR to Chrome in February, Google is now extending it to work with Google Cardboard headsets. The WebVR standard lets people launch virtual reality experiences without downloading a special app. When Google added it to Chrome, though, it worked only on Daydream-compatible phones, via the more expensive Daydream viewer. As of today, anyone with an Android phone can hit a link to launch WebVR apps for Cardboard as well.

Cardboard is a pretty limited VR platform, although Google links to several neat little experimental apps here. And iOS users, who make up a large part of Cardboard’s user base, are still apparently out of luck. Still, it’s another sign that Google hasn’t abandoned Cardboard, and it makes the process of finding and launching experiences more streamlined, which is especially great because Cardboard-oriented VR is often short and simple.

If you don’t have Cardboard, you can still check out Google’s WebVR showcase online; you’ll just need to click (or tap) and drag to look around.