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Nintendo introduces new neon yellow Joy-Con color and controller battery pack

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Coming June 16th

Photo: Nintendo

Nintendo today announced a few hardware add-ons to its one-month-old Switch console, revealed during one of its Nintendo Direct live streams. There’s now a neon yellow Joy-Con color option for both the left and right controllers and the wrist strap. The company is also introducing a battery peripheral for the controllers that will keep them powered up via AA batteries.

It’s unclear what exactly the battery pack is designed to offset. As it stands today, the Joy-Con controllers rely on internal battery power when attached to the Switch’s tablet screen or when docked into the standard controller grip that comes with the console. Those batteries last about 20 hours each, which is a substantial amount of time. Still, it’s nice to know you can have a bit of back-up juice in the event you’re traveling with the Switch without the charging dock and the controllers may be running low.

Both the new neon yellow Joy-Con controller and the AA battery pack will be available on June 16th with the launch of Arms.

Photo: Nintendo