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David Bowie’s musical will be available to watch in virtual reality this month

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David Bowie’s Lazarus ended its London run this past January, but the musical is returning to the city once again this month as a virtual reality experience. Lazarus will be staged as part of a VR exhibition during the V&A Museum’s Performance Festival, Dazed reports.

Visitors to the museum will be given a headset where they can watch a virtual reality recording of the musical, which features songs from Bowie’s back catalog and his final album Blackstar. Because Lazarus only had a limited run in New York and London (which sold out almost immediately), this exhibition offers another way for those who missed it the first time around to catch it in 360 degrees.

This is not the first time Bowie’s work has appeared in virtual reality. At Sundance this year, an Oculus-supported dance sequence called Heroes was set to the Bowie song of the same name. And other rock musicians have slowly embraced the medium as well. Last year, Queens guitarist Brian May designed his own mobile VR glasses to go along with an interactive app (set inside Freddie Mercury’s mind) called The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience.

The V&A Museum exhibition is called From VHS to VR, and will take place on Sunday, April 30th.