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Google image search will now give you style tips

Google image search will now give you style tips

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For the last few years, Google has been slowly but steadily building out its search results to offer more organic and varied tips than just a string of websites matching your search terms. The latest addition is no exception, with image searches for fashion products now offering new “style ideas” in the Google Android app and on mobile browsers.

So, tapping on an image for a Zara bag, for example, will pop up the usual information on where the picture is from, but it will also offer a gallery of “inspirational lifestyle images and outfits” that showcase the bag in the real world. Google says that the idea is to let users see their outfits in real-world settings to see how things fashionably fit together before they buy. It’s a feature that looks very... Pinterest-y, for lack of a better term, with the fashion-focused recommendations based on your existing searches.

Of course, Google sells ads, too, and the style ideas feature is no exception. It announced earlier this week, along with the fashion tips, that image search will also offer some similar items for you to buy. The new features should be rolling out to users soon.