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Microsoft might soon let you return digital Xbox and Windows game purchases

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Microsoft is reportedly experimenting with allowing customers to request self-service refunds for digitally downloaded games on Xbox One and Windows 10, according to Reddit user gaymerRaver, as first spotted by Engadget.

The feature is in a limited alpha for selected members of the Xbox Insider Program, and offers a few restrictions. Customers can request refunds on games or apps through Microsoft’s website within 14 days of purchase if the game has been used for less than two hours. Users must have at least opened the game once in order to request a refund, and games won’t be eligible until a day after they’re first released. Lastly, DLC, season passes, and add-ons aren’t included in the program, and Microsoft reserves the right to deny anyone who abuses the system.

Photo: gaymerRaver / Reddit

It’s a policy that’s on par with similar programs offered by storefronts like Steam and Apple’s App Store, but it’s nice to see Microsoft offering the option. While the company hasn’t commented on when to expect the feature to roll out to other users, it’s hard not to imagine something described with language like “you’ve spoken; we’ve listened” not making its way to everyone eventually.