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Hulu’s live TV service rumored to cost $39.99 per month

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The company is also ramping up customer service efforts

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New rumors today have pegged Hulu’s upcoming live TV service to be $39.99 a month, according to a report from TechCrunch. That monthly price is said to include ads as well as access to Hulu’s existing on-demand offerings, although the company itself hasn’t offered an official comment on the rumors.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Hulu could offer additional tiers with different pricing or that the rumored price will change between now and launch. Still, the $39.99 price tag is (barely) in line with the company’s promise back in January to offer its internet TV service at under $40 a month. Assuming the rumored price is correct, it leaves Hulu with the most expensive entry-level plan when compared to internet TV competitors like Sling TV (starts at $20 / month), PlayStation Vue (starts at $30 / month), DirecTV NOW (starts at $35 / month), and YouTube TV ($35 / month). That said, Hulu’s offering does include its entire vault of on-demand TV shows and movies, which could sweeten the deal compared its competitors.

People familiar with Hulu’s plans have said that Hulu’s service and its cloud DVR will stand out from other rivals by serving “the best asset for the customer” when you record shows. Whereas YouTube TV automatically switches some shows over to a video on-demand version with ads, Hulu is aiming to give customers the freedom to fast-forward through them. (That’s welcome news for anyone who’s watched the same two ads half a dozen times in a row while streaming on Hulu.)

Additionally, TechCrunch notes that Hulu has also opened a new “viewer experience headquarters” (read: customer service center) in San Antonio as it gears up to launch its live TV service.

Hulu still has yet to put a firm date on when we can expect the live TV service, but as of its last announcement, the company is hoping to have a finalized version of the product ready by the fall.