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Being Fast and Furious means causing as much damage as superhumanly possible

Being Fast and Furious means causing as much damage as superhumanly possible


Drift, drift, drift

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Furious 7

Since the debut of The Fast and the Furious in 2001, the film franchise has evolved from its humble street-racing beginnings to… well, basically a series about car-driving superheroes. Dom and his crew haven’t just mastered the “10 and 2” stance. They’ve learned how to weaponize vehicles and thwart the basic laws of gravity and physics.

The Fate of the Furious opens in theaters today, continuing a legacy of pretty, fast things going boom. The total carnage hasn’t been worked out on paper yet, but the destruction levels are insanely high. In March, Gap Insurance calculated how much damage the F+F gang has caused over the course of the previous seven movies. It’s more than $500 million, with an alarming spike following 2011’s Fast Five.

Over the course of seven movies, 169 “regular” cars have been damaged onscreen, while 142 have been destroyed outright. There’s property damage here too, with 53 buildings in need of repairs, and 31 destroyed outright. Gap Insurance has many more charts with fun statistics, but as of Furious 7, the characters’ premiums have to be pretty high.

Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw is the series’ single most destructive character, with more than $180 million in damages all on his own. But together, Dom and his band of heroes have caused the most damage throughout the series.

In any other scenario, a person racking up this much in damage costs would be a bad driver. For the Fast and the Furious crew, it’s just a testament to how good they are at their jobs. How else do you battle a tank, take down a helicopter, or successfully drive out of a burning airplane? And let’s not forget my personal favorite: That time Dom went airborne through not one, but two neighboring buildings with a Lykan Hypersport. Spoiler alert: The car didn’t make it.