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Apple will begin replacing fourth generation iPads brought in for service with an iPad Air 2

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Users might get an upgrade

Apple iPad Air 2

Apple customers who bring their fourth generation iPad in for servicing at Apple Stores and authorized service providers might soon get their unit replaced with an iPad Air 2, according to 9to5Mac.

The fourth generation iPad was originally released in 2012 and replaced with the iPad Air 2 in 2014. Apple will typically replace models brought in for servicing, and as available stock dwindles, the company has told its service employees that the unit “may be substituted to iPad Air 2”, according to a memo obtained by 9to5Mac. The memo also instructs employees to note inform customers that the iPad had some slightly different storage options — 32GB and 128GB, while the fourth generation 16GB and 64GB options were discontinued, meaning that users might get an upgrade. In March, Apple discontinued the iPad Air 2 in favor of a new 9.7 inch version.

Update: according to AppleInsider, the policy isn’t a universal one: replacing a fourth generation iPad with an iPad Air 2 isn’t required, but up to the manger’s discretion.