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The Rock can be anything, except a believable Pikachu

The Rock can be anything, except a believable Pikachu



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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has more in common with Pokémon’s beloved mascot, Pikachu, than looks would suggest. Both have enjoyed enduring fame; both have a family-friendly image; both have a certain quality that makes you want to hug them and never let go.

Johnson may have started his career as a pro wrestler with a great catchphrase, but he now holds the titles of singer, producer, highest paid actor, and dad. As BuzzFeed put it, he’s a hero who can reinvent himself into whatever you want him to be.

There is one exception: The Rock is simply not built to be Pikachu. That makes his efforts to please his Pikachu-adoring, little pebble of a daughter all the more endearing. Here is The Rock as the lovable lightning mouse:

Objectively, this take on Pikachu is even more terrifying than when The Rock dressed up as the character for Halloween. This would be the Terminator of Pikachus, except that it only desires love. It has no tail and its nose is mysteriously MIA. Like Johnson himself, this Pikachu is super buff and towers over its peers. It doesn’t waddle; in fact, it appears eager for a good sprint.

For reference, here’s a Pikachu struggling to navigate the old Vox Media offices last year:

The Rock’s imperfect Pika impression is as lovable as it is a testament to true dad-dom: trying, but not quite achieving, perfection. The idea that even Dwayne Johnson might struggle to find a costume that fits him is sort of wonderful, but also relatable.

But his daughter loves this triangle-mouthed leg monster, and that’s all that matters. Johnson suffers it with good humor, considering it really does look hot as hell in that costume.