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Tyler, the Creator wrote the Bill Nye Saves the World theme song and it’s a total banger

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Is this the birth of Billwave?

Bill Nye the Science Guy is well known among millennials for teaching solid science and having a pretty catchy theme song. I was barely conscious of popular music when it debuted in 1993, but I can imagine the critics being awed at a Science Guy looping a guitar lick over a reasonably danceable beat. I had that theme stuck in my head for years.

So, thanks in part to Tyler, the Creator, Bill Nye Saves the World — the upcoming Netflix show — now has a catchy theme song of its own. It’s good! You can absolutely tell this is a Tyler production thanks to the weirdo instrumentation and deep bass. And hearing him shout “Bill! Bill! Bill!” so enthusiastically is enough of a throwback that it might as well be a sample. If this lived in a genre unto itself, we’d call it Billwave.

I’m not saying you’ll hear this in clubs this summer, but you might find yourself dancing along in spite of yourself. Bill Nye Saves the World will start streaming on Netflix on April 21st.