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You can now use your PayPal account to buy stuff through Android Pay

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Android Pay and PayPal are partnering to let you use your PayPal account like you would regularly use Android Pay. You’ll soon be able to link your PayPal account with Android Pay, meaning that in addition to whatever gift cards or credit cards you’ve already added to Google’s service, you can opt to use your PayPal account to buy something on an Android app or to tap to pay at stores. The feature is rolling out over the next few weeks, Google says.

The compatibility was rumored earlier this year, and PayPal confirmed that its Android app would be able to handle NFC transactions at Mobile World Congress in February. NFCWorld reported that the company partnered with Vodafone to bring NFC payments to Vodafone Wallet users in Europe and was also coordinating with telecom providers in Mexico and Brazil — Telcel and Claro — to bring mobile payments to millions of other users. Now with Android Pay, PayPal will have extra support to entice people around the world to use its payment system.