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August smart locks are making it easier for guests to get into their vacation homes

August smart locks are making it easier for guests to get into their vacation homes


Smart Keypad gives codes to HomeAway renters

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August Smart Lock Gen 2 Stock

Getting into a rented home or apartment can be a real hassle, especially compared to a traditional hotel. But the home rental site HomeAway — kind of like Airbnb, but with a focus on full homes — has a handy solution: give renters temporary access through August’s smart lock.

The integration will work for buildings listed on HomeAway that have installed both an August Smart Lock and August’s smart keypad. After a rental has been booked, HomeAway will automatically send the renter an entry code, which will only work during the hours they’re scheduled to be in the apartment. That way, renters won’t have to work with homeowners on a key handoff, which can be inconvenient for both parties.

August / HomeAway integration

This really does sound like a huge help, though it’ll be a little pricey for homeowners who don’t already have August’s smart lock. The lock and keypad combined cost over $300, and for full automation, August’s Wi-Fi bridge is required, pushing the total cost to nearly $400. Though for the convenience — especially at a remotely monitored property — that may be worth it.

August launched a similar, but simpler integration with Airbnb back in 2015. That integration only requires the Smart Lock, but it involves a bit more work for guests: renters have to download August’s app and link it back to Airbnb before they can get access to a property. Being able to get a code right inside an app you’re already using — and not having to worry about your phone dying while you’re away — is clearly the easier way to go.