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Comcast apologizes for being late to Mike Huckabee’s house

Comcast apologizes for being late to Mike Huckabee’s house


After the former governor compared the cable co to North Korea

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Mike Huckabee has received the vindication we’ve all dreamed of one day getting from Comcast: an apology.

Comcast has issued a public apology to the former Arkansas governor for missing a scheduled appointment at his home. “We completely understand Governor Huckabee’s frustration and are so sorry that we missed yesterday morning’s scheduled appointment,” a Comcast spokesperson said.

“[Comcast] didn't show and didn't care... until the ‘Twit’ hit the fan!”

As anyone who’s been frustrated by a missed or late appointment from a cable company knows, a missed appointment is not usually something that results in the company admitting wrongdoing and promptly fixing the issue.

But Huckabee escalated the situation in a big way, tweeting about the issue to the more than 600,000 followers of his typically quite bad Twitter account and prompting an array of news stories. That was largely thanks to just how critical he was in his description of Comcast: Huckabee compared the cable company to the mafia, North Korea, and a root canal; in his harshest burn, the staunch Republican said he’d rather take Obama back as president than have to deal with Comcast.

Later in the day, Huckabee tweeted that Comcast had finally come to his home, but still criticized the company for not caring until he tweeted about it.

“We worked to send a technician to the Governor’s home as soon as we learned about this and are happy we were able to resolve the issue that same day,” Comcast said.

Disclosure: Comcast is an investor in Vox Media, The Verge’s parent company.