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Google is having more problems with its relatively new Wi-Fi routers

Google is having more problems with its relatively new Wi-Fi routers


Some temporary workarounds, but a final fix is still needed

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Google Wifi router
Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Looks like Google WiFi may need to work out some issues with that whole Wi-Fi thing.

Some customers have taken to Google’s product forums to complain that a recent update to their relatively new Google Wifi routers have resulted in drops in connectivity. Google, in response, just yesterday offered two temporary solutions to the problems: set up Google WiFi from scratch using a different account, or disconnect Windows 10 or Xbox devices from Wi-Fi.

The complaints and the suggested workarounds, posted by the “WiFi Care Team” in a Google product forum, were first spotted by 9to5Google. Neither of the workaround are particularly ideal, but Google did say that its engineering team is “still working on a final fix for this issue.”

Google began selling these routers late last year, for $129 as a single device or $299 for a bundle of three, and received largely positive early reviews (including our own review). However, since then there have been some snafus. In February, Google said it inadvertently restored a number of Google WiFi and OnHub routers to their factory settings, erasing all device names and using settings, which required said users to hard reset their routers and set them up again.

Now, it seems the issues are around basic connectivity; although Google has not yet responded to Verge requests for more information or a timeline for when a more permanent solution might be offered.

Update: A Google spokesperson responded to say that a “very small number of devices (< 0.01%)” have experienced an issue that caused the routers to stall and show a solid blue light, and that a reboot would effectively resolve the issue. Google also said that “the next automatic software update will include a fix for the issue.”