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Facebook makes it easier to log back in to Android apps you uninstalled

Facebook makes it easier to log back in to Android apps you uninstalled


Part of a suite of upgrades to Facebook Login aimed at developers

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Image: Facebook

Having to set up a new phone or tablet is a hassle, especially when it comes to installing and logging back in to all of your apps. This process should be a little easier in future, though, if the app developers involved are using Facebook Login. The social network announced an upgrade to its login feature at F8 this week, which will remember apps you’ve linked with Facebook in the past, and make logging in to them as simple as a single tap.

This means that if you’ve logged in to, say, Pinterest with your Facebook account before, the next time you install Pinterest on a new device (or re-install it), Facebook will remember and allow you to simply click through to access your account, rather than asking you to type out your full username and password. This feature is only available on Android apps, and will only work if you’ve already logged in to Facebook on that same device.

This was one of a number of improvements to Facebook Login announced at F8, with the company clearly trying to woo developers with the feature. Other upgrades include support for Facebook’s Free Basics platform, better analytics, and a new identity verification service. Facebook says 85 percent of the top 100 grossing apps in the US already offer Facebook Login, and the more that join, the more Facebook is woven into the fabric of the web.