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Nintendo is reportedly planning to launch a miniature SNES before Christmas

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As a follow-up to the wildly-popular miniature NES, Nintendo is reportedly planning to launch a miniature SNES before the end of the year. A report from Eurogamer citing “sources close to the company” says the microconsole is scheduled to launch in time for Christmas, and that Nintendo is sticking with the easy plug-and-play format of the micro NES.

A re-launched SNES with built-in games would fly off the shelves as a Christmas gift, offering gamers young and old access to a range of classics including Super Metroid, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, and Street Fighter II Turbo. The mini NES (or NES Classic Edition, as Nintendo called it) was a surprise hit for the company, and many fans were disappointed when it was discontinued earlier this month.

According to Eurogamer, this decision was taken at least partly to make way for production on the mini SNES. Nintendo apparently never thought the NES Classic Edition would be anything more than a Christmas novelty, and were taken aback by its popularity. The NES Classic Edition came with thirty games, wired controllers, and connected easily to modern TVs. Hopefully the company will be better prepared this time round, as a miniature SNES is sure to be a hit.