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French presidential candidate Mélenchon uses ‘hologram’ optical illusion to appear in seven places

Left Parties And Unions Demonstrate on May Day Labour Day Photo by Trago/Getty Images

As the April 23rd French presidential election approaches, candidates are predictably stumping to bring voters out, but far-left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon may have the most effective strategy: using an optical illusion, he beamed “holograms” of himself to six cities around the country.

As Le Parisien reports, Mélenchon, who is often compared to Bernie Sanders, uses a technique known as Pepper’s Ghost (and not technically a hologram) to broadcast a 2-D version of himself. From Dijon, he simultaneously appeared in seven places at once yesterday.

Mélenchon isn’t the first modern user of the trick, which works by beaming a projection onto a transparent plane to create the illusion. Memorably, in 2012, a “hologram” of Tupac appeared at Coachella, with help from the technique. Nor is it the first time Mélenchon himself has used it. In February, while kicking off his campaign, he virtually appeared in a Paris suburb after being filmed in Lyon.