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Gorillaz’s first on-camera interview was streamed live on YouTube

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If you know anything about Gorillaz you know that they’re a secretive band, choosing to appear in avatar form, if they appear at all. But today, for the first time since their inception in the late ‘90s, the band gave a live on-camera interview.

Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett appeared (as 2D and Murdoch) on MistaJam’s Radio 1 show this morning, which was streamed live on YouTube, Dazed reports. Over the course of the 30-minute interview, 2D and Murdoch answered viewer-submitted questions about their upcoming album Humanz, smartphones (“We never had smartphones when we were starting out, and now we do”), and Donald Trump.

Albarn and Hewlett never break character, with 2D insisting that he was kidnapped by Murdoch in order to make this album. “It was very emotional for us,” 2D says of the band’s creative process. “Fear was one of the biggest emotions, and frustration... emasculation is another one.”

You can watch the entire joyful, goofy thing above. Humanz is out next Friday.