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Tesla app update lets Powerwall owners keep an eye on their electricity

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Photo: Tesla

Tesla’s iOS and Android apps are being updated today to give owners of the company’s Powerwall home energy storage product access to information about their in-home electricity grid.

The new app lets customers monitor all their Tesla products including the Model S and Model X vehicles, Powerwall, and solar panels. Real-time data on solar power generation, battery power flow, and household energy consumption are displayed. The app can also notify customers of a power grid outage and share info about current Powerwall status and that the battery has kicked in to keep the home powered up.

In the event of an anticipated power outage, either planned or because of possible bad weather, Powerwall owners can also adjust the amount of power stored by their home battery pack.

The update should be rolling out later today.

The Powerwall 2, introduced last year, is a giant battery similar to those used in Tesla’s electric cars. It allows homeowners to store 14 kWh of energy per unit, allowing for solar power generated during the day to be used at night — or as a backup power source in the event of a electricity outage. A built-in inverter allows for easier connection of solar panels to a home energy grid.

Photo: Tesla

Tesla’s 14 kWh Powerwall costs $5,500 and includes a built-in inverter. Up to nine Powerwalls can be interconnected, and it can be wall- or ground-mounted, inside or out.