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This adorable Rube Goldberg machine tells the story of brotherly love

This adorable Rube Goldberg machine tells the story of brotherly love


These inanimate objects have heart

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My colleagues at The Verge Dot Com have an obsessive interest in the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos and dongles. But if you ask me, I prefer my machines simple. And I prefer my stories told not with CGI, VR, and other acronyms, but with elaborate Rube Golderberg machines. I liked tech before it went electric. Naturally, I adore the tale of Biisuke.

The segment comes from Japanese children’s TV program Pitagora Suitchi (Pythagora Switch). The charming tale follows Biita and Biigoro, two unlikely heroes who must help their brother Biisuke escape the trap of two giants. It’s a bit more abstract than that sounds. The brothers are toy balls, the prison is a massive Rube Goldberg machine, and the story is told mostly in song.

The video was published on YouTube in January by zetaroy, but is just now making its way across the internet. It’s a sequel to a 2015 clip that has been seemingly erased from the internet. In that original short, according to The Kid Should See This, the script is flipped and Biisuke saves Biita and Biigoro from imprisonment “in the high tower of a Rube Goldberg Machine.” Is it more thrilling, more charming, and more musically satisfying? I hope one day I will learn the answer. Until then, I’ll just watch Part 2 on loop.

Update: Is Pythagora Switch the best show ever?