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These are some of the cutest cases for your Samsung Galaxy S8

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The new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are gorgeous phones, so it’s a shame that you’re probably going to want to use a case to keep your expensive device intact. Imagine that massive display with a crack, though. I scoured the internet today in an effort to find the cutest cases for the Samsung S8 because while you have to add bulk to the phone, you also deserve to have a stylish device. Seriously, I clicked through more than 50 pages of Amazon cases to compile the cutest and most fashionable available. You’ll see them below. Honestly, there are way more glitter cases than I could list on this page, so go look for those because you’ll likely be able to find a color that suits you.

Also, I haven’t tested any of these cases; I’m solely listing them because they’re for sale and their renders look cute. Basically what I’m saying is don’t come to me if your phone still cracks while encased in one of these.

Samsung 2Piece cover for both S8 and S8 Plus (no price listed)


Samsung Alcantara case for both S8 and S8 Plus (no price listed)


Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter case for S8 Plus ($12.99)


GeekZone gradient case for S8 and S8 Plus ($5.99)


Caka liquid glitter case for S8 and S8 Plus ($9.99)


Speck Presidio glitter case for S8 ($44.95) and S8 Plus ($49.95)


If you don't care about cute, there's naturally a tank of a case that can keep your phone secure and ugly forever:

Otterbox Rugged Defender case for S8 ($49.95) and S8 Plus ($59.95)