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Sling TV’s cloud DVR now works on the Apple TV

Sling TV’s cloud DVR now works on the Apple TV


It’s still a little rough around the edges though

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Sling TV is making its cloud DVR add-on available to subscribers who watch the streaming service with an Apple TV. The company charges $5 extra per month for 50 hours of cloud storage. The DVR is already available for customers using Roku, Amazon Fire TV devices, and Android. Sling TV is still referring to this as a “First Look,” as the DVR feature is still being worked on — and it doesn’t work at all on some channels due to licensing rights.

Cloud DVR recordings remain available for as long as you’re a Sling TV subscriber and, assuming your shows are eligible, the feature allows for all the simultaneous recordings one could need.

Sling TV is using that “recordings stick around for as long as you’re a customer” as a selling point against PlayStation Vue (also available on Apple TV), which erases recordings after 28 days. Also for Sling TV: pausing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding through recorded content is always permitted, which can be a hit-or-miss thing on other services.

Sling’s beating its rivals on pricing, but the service could still use some improvements to its general design and interface; it’s not quite as elegant or user-friendly as YouTube TV or Vue. That can really be applied to Sling TV as a whole; it’s a little rough around the edges, but it remains the cheapest option among the big ones out there for replacing your cable bill.