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Facebook to start showing fact-checked ‘related articles’ in News Feed before you click a link

An effort to break the filter bubble

Facebook announced today that it’s testing a new version of related articles that appear in your News Feed, which will underneath the linked story.

It’s similar to the existing implementation of the related article feature, but instead of only showing the relevant content after you read an article, Facebook will now surface those links to appear directly in your News Feed before you’ve clicked on the link.

According to Facebook, the goal of the showing related articles before users read posts is to provide “easier access to additional perspectives and information,” including articles that have been fact-checked by third parties. But presumably the change is also an effort to continue to combat fake news, misinformation, and a “filter bubble” on the social networking platform. In other words, Facebook is trying to help users get additional viewpoints on stories that they might not otherwise have, based on the inherently limited perspectives most people share with friends and pages they like on Facebook.