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Soylent’s non-dairy powder recalled after dairy slips into the mix

Soylent’s non-dairy powder recalled after dairy slips into the mix


Why your Soylent may taste more like real dairy than usual

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First we were worried about metal in our Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Then, it was golfballs in our hash browns. And now we might have to worry about dairy in our Soylent. The horror! Out of concerns that a small amount of whey powder slipped into a production lot of the company’s 1.8 Powder at a third-party facility, Soylent is voluntarily recalling 890 boxes that were shipped to 610 customers.

The accidental inclusion of dairy in the otherwise dairy-free product would have led to obvious problems for people who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk. Soylent and the US Food and Drug Administration said there have been no reports of serious illnesses yet.

The incident will not affect future shipments of the powder

The affected packages are those with the identifying info “Lot #: G7076PA, Expiration / Best Buy date: 02/2018.” The company is offering a full refund or replacement to those who have purchased the potentially cross-contaminated product, which can be requested at

The incident will not affect future shipments of the powder, according to a statement from the company, but it’s also only the latest chapter of unusual issues affecting Soylent’s products.

Back in October, the company stopped shipping both its Soylent Bar and its Soylent Powder because they were making people sick. Their other product, Coffiest, was also reported to have caused illnesses around the same time. Soylent blamed the Bar and Powder issues on TerraVia, its algal flour supplier, which shortly thereafter severed ties with the company. At the same time, however, TerraVia was also facing a class action complaint from its investors over failing to properly disclose that its products caused gastrointestinal distress, as reported by Ars Technica.

While Soylent is no longer using TerraVia’s algal flour and has rereleased its powders, it may be worth it to double check your packages of food replacement shakes to see if it might be among those that’s not actually dairy-free.