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Danger Zone is Burnout’s ‘crash mode’ turned into an entire game

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Launching in May

Danger Zone

Three Fields Entertainment, an indie studio made up of ex-Burnout developers, is making a new game that looks a lot like Burnout 3’s “crash mode.” Called Danger Zone, the game is more of a puzzle game than a racer; the goal is to figure out how to create as big of a disaster as possible. You’ll earn points by smashing more cars, and if you do enough damage you’ll be able to turn your car into an explosive bomb for even more destruction. The game will feature 20 different crashing scenarios when it launches.

“We are going back to our roots by creating a game in a genre we are truly passionate about,” Three Fields Fiona Sperry says. Danger Zone will be the third release from the studio. It debuted with the similarly destructive Dangerous Golf in 2016, and followed that up with virtual reality shooting gallery Lethal VR. "We wanted to go back to pure game making," creative director Alex Ward said of the decision to leave Burnout studio Criterion in 2013. (Criterion, meanwhile, has largely moved on to other franchises, including Need for Speed and the new Star Wars Battlefront. There hasn’t been a new Burnout since 2011.)

Danger Zone will be available in May on both PC and PS4.