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DJI likely to unveil new drone at event in May

DJI likely to unveil new drone at event in May


The company has been on a hot streak

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Photo: DJI

DJI just sent invitations to media for an event in New York City on May 24th. The email didn’t offer many clues, offering journalists a chance to “seize the moment.” But if rumors are correct, the next consumer-facing drone from DJI will be its smallest unit yet, shrinking down the form factor of the very popular Mavic Pro unit it released last year.

Images of a drone called the Spark leaked on DJI’s Chinese forums earlier this month. DJI recently trademarked that name, adding more weight to this rumor. The prototype didn’t appear to have the foldable arms of the Mavic, although that could easily change as the design gets closer to its final production form.

If DJI does release a drone this size at its upcoming event, look for it to try and hit a price point well below the $999 its been charging for the Mavic. A cheaper, smaller unit would compete with gadgets like the Hover Camera, Dobby, and other so called “selfie” drones.