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A new Alien: Covenant prologue connects the film to Prometheus

A new Alien: Covenant prologue connects the film to Prometheus


Bridging the gap

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20th Century Fox has released a new clip from Alien: Covenant and it shows off how the film connects to the last entry in the franchise, Prometheus. While the movie’s trailers have gone to great lengths to make viewers forget about Scott’s disappointing side film, this clip shows that Prometheus will have a role to play in this year’s film.

This is the second prologue that we’ve seen for Alien: Covenant. In February, the studio released a clip that introduced us to the colonists bound for this film’s planet, which happens to also be home to the android known as David, who we last saw as a disembodied head in the last film. It serves as a foreboding look at what we can expect from the next entry, including a callback to one of the franchise’s most iconic moments.

This new clip is designed to bridge the gap between this film and Scott’s underwhelming side entry for the franchise. Prometheus ended with the entire expedition to LV-223 getting killed off, save for David, and the expedition’s archeologist, Elizabeth Shaw. They escaped the world by commandeering the Engineer’s ship, and Shaw explains that she doesn’t want to go home: she wants to look for the Engineer’s homeworld.

That’s pretty much what happens in this clip: we see Shaw reattach David’s head to his body and their work to fix the ship and figure out the location of the Engineer’s homeworld. David puts Elizabeth into stasis for the journey, and he is left with plenty of time to learn more about the advanced aliens, as well as the ship’s deadly cargo. The clip closes with the two arriving at what’s presumably the Engineer’s homeworld, and David’s poised to drop a whole lot of canisters on them. As we saw in Prometheus, this isn’t going to go well. There’s a lot of material crammed into just a couple of minutes, and I can’t help but wonder if this is what the film would have been, had the reaction to Prometheus been a bit more positive.

Alien: Covenant will hit theaters on May 19th.