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You can now round up your Lyft fare to make a charitable donation

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First beneficiary: the USO

Hand holding iPhone with Lyft app open

Last month, Lyft introduced a new program called Round Up & Donate, which would enable riders to make a charitable contribution when they take a ride with the service. Starting May 1st, that program goes live, and Lyft says the first beneficiary will be the USO.

After updating the app, riders who want to participate need to opt in under the settings menu. After that, each fare will be automatically rounded up to the nearest whole dollar, with the difference donated to the participating organization.

The plan is to add more organizations in the future, so riders can choose from a list of charities. The USO was chosen in honor of Military Appreciation Month, with Lyft promising to commit $100,000 over the next 12 months “to support service men and women with their transportation needs.”

If Lyft was looking for another opportunity to boast about being “woke,” this would be a good time.