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Airbnb adds a new search filter to cater to business travelers

Image: Airbnb

In an effort to further appeal to business travelers, Airbnb today announced that it has added a new search function that can filter listings down to ones that are “business travel ready.”

Image: Airbnb

Airbnb defines this as listings for an entire home or apartment that come equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, a desk, toiletries, 24-hour self-check-in, and contain five-star reviews in more than 60 percent of the listing’s feedback. Additionally, the listing’s host must have a track record of approving requests within 24 hours and with no canceled reservations within a week of a stay.

To qualify to use this search function, business users must register their work email address with their Airbnb account. Then, when you search, you can toggle “Business Travel Ready” in the filter menu.

Airbnb’s recent product updates show that the company is trying to expand out of the rental market and more into travel and hospitality, with new city guide and tour features that cover both business and leisure travelers’ bases. In February, the company acquired Luxury Retreats to boost its premium vacation home offerings.