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The Persona 5 vinyl soundtrack will be a massive, expensive addition to your collection

Got $100 to spare for it?

Iam8bit is selling Persona 5’s big ol’ soundtrack as two separate vinyl versions to admire and then carefully tuck away into your dusty collection. First up is the $100 “Essential Edition,” a 4-record LP that is a curated list of the game’s most popular songs, rather than a definitive collection. For that, you’ll need to grab the Deluxe Edition, six records spanning 110 songs for $175.

The music itself is a cool mix of jazzy, upbeat tracks, but what the collection will look like is a mystery. Unlike most of iam8bit’s musical vinyl collections, which have included games like Monument Valley, Journey, and No Man’s Sky, the design for the set isn’t final. That’s because iam8bit plans to document the process of creating the set with videos, photos, and interviews. If you’re (understandably) on the fence about dropping so much cash on a collection you haven’t seen, it’s worthing noting that the Deluxe Edition will be a limited pressing.

Both vinyl collections are up for preorder now and are expected to ship in Q4 2017, “in time for the holidays.” If you want to listen to it the old-fashioned way, the game’s soundtrack is already up for grabs on iTunes.