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Mac DeMarco breaks the fourth wall of celebrity, asks to see all your fan fiction

Mac DeMarco breaks the fourth wall of celebrity, asks to see all your fan fiction

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FYF Fest 2016 - Day 2
Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for FYF

Mac DeMarco, the reigning lovable goober of indie rock, has announced a new contest for members of his fan club: who can write the best fan fiction about Mac?

Whoever submits the best piece between May 1 and August 15 will win a drawing of themselves with Mac, made by artist Stefan Marx. The drawing will appear in the next issue of the Mac DeMarco fanzine.

Today’s contest announcement comes along with the debut of a new song, as well as a profile in The New York Times in which reporter Joe Coscarelli interrogates the idea of “why does everyone love this dude so much?” at length, referring to DeMarco as “a kind of pied piper for the blog crowd.”

DeMarco has made a habit of punching at the fourth wall of celebrity, and often interacts directly with both the actual human beings who are his fans and the idea of having fans. It all started in the summer of 2015, when DeMarco impulsively gave out his actual home address across from JFK Airport in Queens. Thousands of young people showed up, and his reputation as a chill dude for the masses was born.

demarco has made a habit of engaging with the idea of fandom

In today’s profile, he told Coscarelli “Kids tune in and they’re like, ‘Mac would drink a beer with me.’ And the answer is probably yes! These people are paying my mortgage, putting food on the table for me and my girlfriend. Thank you! And you like the music? That’s crazy.”

His fan club — a half-ironic, half-sincere celebration of his own work — is run by his mom, and DeMarco recently announced that he would be hiring an assistant for her. Preferably, he wants one who specializes in “dank memes.”

The fan club has a free tier and a paid tier, with members of the latter referred to as “disciples.” The disciples get access to “perks” like meet and greets, exclusive merch, holiday gifts, and personal letters from DeMarco. Disciples who hang out in the Mac DeMarco subreddit often share photos and videos of themselves unboxing fan club packages, similar to the haul videos you might see on a sneaker forum or a beauty box message board.

They’re an enthusiastic bunch, and DeMarco’s decision to launch a fan fiction contest indicates that he knows them pretty well.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your submission, you’re in luck: DeMarco’s new album This Old Dog is out next week.