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Android update makes Google’s Pixel C look more like its Pixel smartphones

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7.1.2 brings new multitasking feature, too

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Google’s Android 7.1.2 update has reportedly arrived with some Pixel C tablet owners, a few weeks after the beta version was rolled out to testers. The update tweaks the Pixel C’s interface to be closer to the Pixel’s, giving it the same buttons and blue-grey aesthetic as its smaller smartphone sibling, and also adds a new multitasking menu that lets users select from and switch between up to eight apps that they have open.

The changes make the connection between the Pixel C and the Pixel smartphone more obvious: in addition to the color tweak, the devices will now share similar navigation buttons, and use rounded app icons. The Pixel C has also ditched its “app drawer,” with users instead swiping up from the bottom of the screen to see their installed software.

It’s not clear yet when 7.1.2 will arrive on other devices, but the update should also bring minor changes to Google’s Pixel and Nexus 6 smartphones, adding in Android logos on the former’s boot screen, and enabling gestures on the latter’s rear fingerprint scanner. If you have a Pixel C, however, you should be able to get the update starting today.