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MTV is casting its My Super Sweet 16 revival on the lip-syncing app

MTV is casting its My Super Sweet 16 revival on the lip-syncing app

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MTV is reviving its popular reality show about rich teenagers, My Super Sweet 16, and for the first time, the network will cast for it via an app. Aspiring Super Sweet 16-ers can submit an entry video on beginning today, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Any users (aka “musers”) who post a video with the hashtag #MySuperSweetAudition will be considered “for a chance to move on to a second round” of casting.

Lip sync for your birthday party

It’s not clear if MTV plans to cast the entire season this way, but its partnership with makes sense. The first season of My Super Sweet 16 premiered in 2005, which means anyone hoping to be cast in the revival was only four or five years old when it aired., an app where users can post videos of themselves lip-syncing to popular songs, already has a majority teenage user base. And — like YouTube or Vine — has its own celebrities, who would probably draw new eyes to MTV if they, say, decided to celebrate their birthday on network TV.

“Together we’re innovating the casting process and giving creators and consumers a chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at how talent is discovered,”’s president Alex Hofmann said in a statement. “At we want to empower our community to help shape the next generation of entertainers.”

MTV has partnered with before, for the 2016 VMAs, and is currently working on making original content for the app, THR reports.