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Twitch’s game store is now open for business

Amelia Krales

Twitch is now a place where you can both watch and buy games. Earlier this year the streaming service announced plans to launch a digital PC games store, and today it’s open for business. Users will be able to purchase select games directly from Twitch channels and game pages, both on the site and the company’s newly launched desktop app. The company says there will be around 50 titles available this week, including For Honor, Telltale’s Walking Dead series, Firewatch, Psychonauts, and more.

One of the more unique aspects of the Twitch store is that streamers will get a cut. Partnered streamers will earn 5 percent of sales that originate from their channel, while the game’s creators will get 70 percent. It’s a move that opens up a new revenue stream both for Twitch and streamers, and to encourage dedicated Twitch viewers to use the store the company is offering some bonuses. For every purchase over $4.99, users will receive a virtual crate filled with Twitch tools — like badges, emotes, and a currency for tipping streamers. If nothing else, it’s a form of differentiation in a tough PC market dominated by Valve’s Steam platform.

Currently the Twitch store only supports US dollars, but the company says it will offer localized options “in the near future.”