The Moto G5 Plus... getting returned


Like many others in the tech sphere, I once had a nearly perfect phone. The original Moto X was actually designed for human use instead of glossy spreads and videos. It had a screen that could be used by one hand (even shifted down from midline for better thumb use) and a curved back to better fit in every hand ever made. It had Active Display for alerts and you could wave your hand to wake the thing, and it didn't kill the battery. It's one major weakness was that it's camera was meh compared to the iPhone, but so were most others at the time.

Unfortunately, Moto abandoned the human-based approach and now their phones are all giant. They're also now more of the flat slab design. The G series had still kept some of the size and features, so I've watched them.

The new G5 Plus is about the only new phone keeping the 5-ish" screen alive, so I gave it a shot. In many ways, it was nice to have a Moto again. But the back is flat and slick instead of curved w/ soft-touch plastic. Still, the killer is that it just can't match my Galaxy S6 in the camera department. Having kids means that the camera is super important to me, so that's why this new phone will be going back.

But, if you want a normal-sized phone, and you don't need the best possible photos, it will probably work for you.