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Verizon confirms Oath is coming, but says AOL and Yahoo brands will remain

Verizon confirms Oath is coming, but says AOL and Yahoo brands will remain


An umbrella house of brands that change the world

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Chris Welch

Verizon has confirmed that it plans to group all of the combined AOL and Yahoo brands together underneath a new name: Oath. The internet had a lot of fun with that one yesterday. But the company is also trying to clarify a few things today, according to an email I received from a spokesperson. For one, there will be no Oath Mail. Yahoo Sports isn’t becoming Oath Sports. The Yahoo and AOL names aren’t actually going anywhere., you see. At least not in the near term.

“[The] AOL and Yahoo brands will not only remain, but a core tenet of Oath will be to deeply invest in growing those brands. Oath is the umbrella and the portfolio of brands will comprise Oath — a house of brands structure.”

The brands live inside Oath, the house.

Here is a website about Oath, the house of brands. The website notes that “someone snitched” about the name before Verizon was ready to announce it, though AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong tried to make the best of things.

He also went on television earlier today to discuss the new house.

“It actually clears the lane for us to really promote Yahoo and AOL and TechCrunch and Huffington Post and Moviefone,” Armstrong said. “Some of the reaction you see to the brand, I think, is short-term thinking.”

“We developed the brand in-house,” he continued. “In the last 24 hours, we’ve probably gotten 50 million dollars worth of brand marketing for it.”

“We’re going to touch over a billion consumers. I think we’re in a very good position to launch what I would say is the largest house of trusted brands in the digital space.”

The following text is pasted directly from the AOL spokesperson’s email:

A few things:

Oath is a values-led company, committed to building brands people love.

By definition, an Oath is a commitment. The name reflects who we are, what we stand for, and the promises we make to each other, our consumers, our customers and our partners.

Oath’s values are shared commitments that unite our global community of technologists, storytellers, journalists, videographers, creators and data scientists.

Why brands?  Brands connect with people across devices and span digital to physical worlds; Brands are trusted and safe; Brands drive innovation; Brand love spans generations; People read, watch, buy, share and refer the brands they love’ Brands drive conversation, create change and start cultural movements; Brands make our lives better. Brands change the world.

I added the emphasis on those last two sentences. A spokesperson said “more to come this summer” when “the fun really begins” and “when we officially launch Oath.”