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Mass Effect: Andromeda patches will address some of the game’s big issues

Mass Effect: Andromeda patches will address some of the game’s big issues

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BioWare has announced a major update for Mass Effect: Andromeda, the epic spacefaring RPG that arrived last month to a somewhat muted reception. Patch 1.0.5 will address many of the issues that players have found with the game: inventory limits will be increased, matchmaking and latency will be improved, and yes, you’ll be able to skip the interminable cutscenes that occur when travelling between planets. (Though my colleague Rich kind of likes them.)

Bioware also claims the patch will improve lip-sync animations, the appearance of eyes, and performance in general along with a wide variety of balance tweaks, though we’ll have to wait until it’s released on Thursday to see exactly how drastic the changes are. It’s also worth noting that Andromeda’s technical issues are only the beginning of its problems.

But Bioware says it’s committed to issuing further updates, and more patches over the next two months are set to improve things like “general appearance for characters,” “cinematic scenes and animations,” and “male romance options for Scott Ryder.” Conversations with a transgender non-player character will be altered following negative feedback over how the dialogue was handled, and BioWare says it’ll bring “more options and variety” to the character creator. Though that probably isn’t much consolation to anyone who’s already devoted dozens of hours to the game.

Still, BioWare is evidently aware of many of Andromeda’s issues, and if they’re addressed effectively it may convince more people to get on board.