Samsung Galaxy S8 Best Smartphone Display (Displaymate)


Displaymate just released their tests on the new Galaxy S8 display. Samsung pretty much built a dynasty in their AMOLED display technology - it's like a broken record ...every year the best display.

Interesting, I wasn't aware of the second ambient light sensor on the back - a first for smartphone (Note 7 excluded).



The Best Smartphone Display

...The Galaxy S8 is the most innovative and high performance Smartphone display that we have ever lab tested. So the Galaxy S8 becomes the Best Performing Smartphone Display, earning DisplayMate’s highest ever A+ grade.

The Galaxy S8 has the following enhanced state-of-the-art display performance functions and features:

· 4 Color Gamuts and 3 Calibrated Screen Modes with High Absolute Color Accuracy based on our extensive Lab Measurements.

· A new larger full 100% DCI-P3 Color Gamut and Digital Cinema mode that is also used for 4K Ultra HD TVs, so the Galaxy S8 can display the latest high-end 4K video content. The DCI-P3 Gamut is 26 percent larger than the Rec.709 Gamut that is used in 2K Full HD TVs.

· The Galaxy S8 is the first Smartphone to be certified by the UHD Alliance for Mobile HDR Premium, which allows the Galaxy S8 to play the same 4K High Dynamic Range content produced for 4K UHD Premium TVs.

· A larger Native Color Gamut with a new high saturation "Deep Red" OLED, resulting in a very impressive 113% of DCI-P3 and 142% of sRGB / Rec.709 Gamuts that also provides much better on-screen Colors in High Ambient Light.

· A 3K Higher Resolution 2960 x 1440 Quad HD+ display with 570 pixels per inch, and Diamond Pixels with Sub-Pixel Rendering.

· A Video Enhancer that provides HDR-like Expanded Dynamic Range for all videos that don’t have HDR coding.

· A record high Peak Brightness of over of 1,000 nits, which improves screen visibility in very high Ambient Light, and provides the high screen Brightness needed for HDR.

· Front and back Dual Ambient Light Sensors for significantly improved Automatic Brightness settings.

· A Night Mode with a Blue Light Filter that allows the user to adjust and reduce the amount of blue light from the display for better night viewing and improved sleep.

· A user adjustable White Point with RGB Color Balance slider controls that can change the color of White for the Adaptive Display screen mode.

· An Always On Display mode and Personalized Auto Brightness Control that were first introduced on the Galaxy S7.

· Small Color Shifts and Brightness Shifts with Viewing Angle.

· The Galaxy S8 can be used with Polarized Sunglasses in both the Portrait and Landscape orientations unlike LCDs, which generally work in only one of the two orientations.

· A new and even stronger curved Gorilla Glass 5 protecting the display.

The Galaxy S8 matches or sets new Smartphone display performance records for:

· Largest Native Color Gamut (113% DCI-P3 and 142% sRGB / Rec.709).

· Highest Peak Brightness (1,020 nits).

· Highest Contrast Rating in Ambient Light (227).

· Highest Screen Resolution 3K (2960x1440).

· Highest (infinite) Contrast Ratio.

· Lowest Screen Reflectance (4.5 percent).

· Smallest Brightness Variation with Viewing Angle (29 percent).

· Almost every display lab test and measurement shows some improvements compared to the Galaxy S7.

The Best Smartphone Display

The Galaxy S8 delivers uniformly consistent all around Top Tier display performance and receives All Green (Very Good to Excellent) Ratings in all of the DisplayMate Lab test and measurement Categories (except for a single Yellow in Brightness Variation with Average Picture Level that applies to all OLED displays). So the Galaxy S8 becomes the Best Performing Smartphone Display that we have ever lab tested, earning DisplayMate’s highest ever A+ grade.