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Windows 10's new Start menu design revealed in leaked screenshot

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Windows 10 Project Neon Start menu concept
Tom Hounsell / Twitter

Microsoft is planning to refresh its Windows 10 design in an upcoming update due later this year. While the software maker is starting to roll out Windows 10 Creators Update this week, the focus on the company’s Windows 10 efforts will rapidly shift to this future update shortly. We’ve seen a number of concept screenshots of Microsoft’s plans for its Windows 10 design refresh before, and today another screenshot has leaked.

Tom Hounsell published a new Windows 10 Start menu design concept to Twitter today, complete with new transparency effects for the Live Tiles on the Start menu. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that the company has been experimenting with transparency effects on the Start menu, and that this screenshot is simply a concept of those ideas.

These design mockups are simply Microsoft’s experiments with how it plans to refresh its Windows 10 design. A Snapchat app icon can be seen in the Start menu, but this is just a placeholder used in mockups and not an indication that Snapchat will arrive on Windows 10. Microsoft is expected to detail more of its Windows 10 design plans during the company’s Build developers conference in Seattle next month.