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Microsoft made an event-planning iMessage app to help announce your loneliness

Who’s In

Photo: Whos In

Microsoft has launched a new iMessage app called Who’s In that lets you plan events with your friends, in the company’s latest attempt to be social, as reported by TechCrunch. Who’s In lets you search (using Bing) for movies to see, restaurants to eat at, or create custom events, and then ask your friends “Who’s In” to which they will respond, “What is this and why are you sending it to me.”

Who’s In appears to be a knockoff of Google’s Who’s Down, which was shut down for lack of engagement, according to TechCrunch. Who’s Down was a knockoff of an app called Free, which is also defunct. Basically, this is a bad idea that won’t work.

This is clearly an app for #teens — and a follow-up to its other, freshly released app for #teens, Sprinkles — but no #teens will use this app because Snapchat and Instagram exist so why would they? Much like Apple and social networking, Microsoft and social apps don’t necessarily go together. If for some reason you’re still interested, here’s the iOS link.