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Runtastic’s new ‘Runtasty’ cooking app is apparently not a late April Fools’ joke

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April Fools’ Day was last weekend, but we’re still seeing a few enterprising #brands get in last-minute jokes and goofs. That includes the developer of running app Runtastic, which today announced a spinoff cooking app called Runtasty.

The announcement page has all the hallmarks of a classic internet gag: a seemingly functional promotional video; a bizarre name (seriously, “Runtasty”) that happens to be a strange take on the actual product name; and a ridiculous claim, like the promise of making “healthy cooking sexy and simple.”

The app claims to offer a variety of easy-to-make recipes that have been “dietitian-approved,” along with videos to help you prepare your meal and learn various kitchen skills.

Adidas — which owns Runtastic — is to be commended for going the extra mile in actually making a fake Runtasty app to — wait, what? This is an actual product?

Runtatsy is (apparently) available now for iOS and Android.