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DJI’s newest drone looks to be even smaller than the Mavic Pro

DJI’s newest drone looks to be even smaller than the Mavic Pro


The unannounced DJI Spark could be a selfie drone

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DJI may soon announce its smallest drone yet. Leaked images of a new device, apparently called the Spark, popped up today on Chinese DJI forums (the webpage has since gone down). The reveal has led to heavy speculation on whether the device shares in the foldable design of DJI’s Mavic Pro and when the company might officially unveil it. The originator of the leaked images is currently unknown, but TechCrunch managed to snag quite a few of the photos before the post was taken down, so check out the full gallery there.

DJI has not confirmed the Spark’s existence — though it did recently trademark the name. The images and videos now floating around the web — which show a tiny, almost handheld drone with a vertical tilting camera — make clear the drone could be a lower-cost “selfie” variety designed to quickly snap photos and videos. Some drone forum users are speculating that the Spark could also be designed for racing.

In the leaked video seen below, you can see what looks like a Spark prototype with its vertical tilting camera:

It’s unclear if the Spark will have foldable arms like the Mavic Pro given the smaller drone’s already miniature size. We also know nothing about the controller, which very well could be just a smartphone equipped with a companion app.