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Cortana will now help you set up a new Windows 10 PC with your voice

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Windows 10 Cortana Eater

Microsoft is making some significant changes to the way the setup process works in Windows 10. For years, setting up a Windows machine has gradually been getting easier thanks to Microsoft’s simplifications, but with the Windows 10 Creators Update you can now sit back and use your voice to configure a PC.

New machines that ship with the Windows 10 Creators Update preinstalled will see Cortana greet them at the beginning of the setup process. Microsoft’s digital assistant will help Windows 10 users connect to Wi-Fi networks (with some jokes on the way) and sign into a Microsoft Account. It’s a surprising experience if you clean install Windows 10 Creators Update or setup a new PC, and some might not appreciate Microsoft’s digital assistant blasting out of their speakers.

I clean installed the final version of the Windows 10 Creators Update yesterday, and Cortana successfully configured keyboard options for me and my Wi-Fi network, all by listening and responding to me. It’s a neat process, and you can always jump in and use your mouse and keyboard at any point and mute the digital assistant. Considering setting up Windows used to be a chore, it’s nice to see Microsoft continually making this routine a little easier for the less technically savvy.