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New trailers: The Mummy, Master of None, and more

New trailers: The Mummy, Master of None, and more

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The Mummy official photo
Universal Pictures

Some films have a bad habit of avoiding technology — just think of every horror movie where someone's phone is dead or can't find a network. So last weekend when I saw Personal Shopper — the new thriller / supernatural drama starring Kristen Stewart — I was pretty surprised to see just how much of an emphasis it put on connectivity.

Throughout the film, Stewart watches multiple YouTube videos to learn about history — which we, the viewer, watch in part through a camera trained right on her phone. It's an accurate depiction of how we consume media today, but it's also kind of bizarre seeing a video on an iPhone projected onto a giant movie theater screen.

The movie also features an extended iMessage conversation with a mysterious stalker. I'm surprised by how effective the tension is watching a little "..." bubble appear or hearing the phone buzz and waiting to see what's on it. Exactly how long an iMessage conversation should be maintained on-screen is something for a longer discussion, but Personal Shopper definitely proves that there's an interesting dynamic to explore.

Check out nine trailers from this week below.

The Mummy

Universal's first trailer for The Mummy made the film look a little too serious — and backfired big time when the trailer got uploaded without sound — which may be why this new one has a much different tone. This trailer really plays up the film's sense of adventure, and while I'm not exactly sold on it, it's definitely closer to what I suspect people are looking for. The film comes out June 9th.

Ingrid Goes West

Ingrid Goes West explores the oddly relatable and completely irrational fury one occasionally feels after seeing someone else's perfect, manicured Instagram account. And by "explores," I mean it looks like a ridiculous comedy about Aubrey Plaza getting really mad at her friends. The film comes out August 4th. 

Master of None

We all wanted more of Aziz Ansari partying in Italy, and it looks like we're about to get it. Master of None returns May 12th.


Sally Hawkins stars alongside Ethan Hawke in this film about the life of Canadian artist Maud Lewis, whose paintings soared in popularity in the mid-1900s. Her life is getting turned into a bit of a love story in its translation to the screen, but there appears to be some truth behind it all. The film comes out April 14th in Canada and June 16th in the US.

All Eyez On Me

After months of delays, the Tupac biopic All Eyez On Me is finally headed toward theaters again. And maybe the delay was for the best, because this also feels like its strongest trailer yet, giving a clear look at the characters and stories the film is telling. It comes out June 16th.

Cable Girls

Cable Girls is Netflix's first Spanish (though not Spanish-language) series, following a group of women in 1920s Madrid working as phone operators. While the time period is different, there's a bit of a Mad Men vibe here: a distinctly stylized period piece, a focus on sexism, and lots of drinking. The series comes out April 28th.


Netflix put out a first look this week at Girlboss, its series inspired by the founder of Nasty Gal. There'll be a lot to unpack when the series arrives, but for now, what stands out is how stylized the series's acting and dialogue is. It could turn out really goofy, but right now the show seems to be pulling it off. The series comes out April 21st.

I Am Heath Ledger

Almost a decade after his death, Spike looks back at Heath Ledger's life and work in a new entry into its I Am documentary series. The doc speaks with Ledger's family members and filmmakers who worked with him, including Ang Lee. It premieres May 17th.


Chuck follows the career of New Jersey boxer Chuck Wepner, who's famous for being the loose inspiration for Rocky... though not necessarily in a good way. The film has some good reviews out of festivals, and its great cast — including Elisabeth Moss, Naomi Watts, and Ron Perlman — certainly doesn't hurt. It comes out May 5th.