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Samsung’s latest app gamifies parental controls for kids

Samsung’s latest app gamifies parental controls for kids


Kids can win gift cards for using their phone less

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Samsung’s latest app, Marshmallow (not to be confused with Android Marshmallow, an outdated OS still being put on phones in 2017), looks to gamify parental controls for kids, in an attempt to get them to use their phones less.

The app features traditional parental control features like limiting app and device usage, and it can’t be deleted or disabled without the parent’s password. But unlike other parental control apps, Marshmallow will reward kids with points that can be redeemed for gift cards if they keep their usage under the limits set by their parents, essentially employing delayed gratification to reduce their smartphone usage.

Kids can also set their own daily usage limits, and if they exceed their own settings they will lose points. Gift card options include major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, as well as the Google Play Store, but the parent has to approve and give access to the card before it can be used.

Marshmallow, which can only be used on Samsung Galaxy devices, is available in the Google Play Store today.