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BBC will stream a binaural audio edition of this week’s Doctor Who episode

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BBC iPlayer users will get the chance to experience a Doctor Who episode in 3D surround sound this week. BBC just announced that after the BBC One premiere of Doctor Who’s “Knock Knock” on Saturday, a binaural audio version of the episode will be available online.

Binaural recordings are created by capturing sound as it would be heard by human ears, which can trick the brain into thinking the 3D sound is happening in its immediate vicinity. Binaural is usually best experienced through headphones, which the BBC recommends for viewers as well.

The BBC announced it would begin binaural broadcasting research back in 2012, and has already made some Radio 3 programs available in binaural sound.

There’s a preview of the binaural episode of “Knock Knock” at the BBC’s website. The complete episode will be available on BBC iPlayer on Saturday, May 6th.