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This is the first look at the new World of Avatar attraction at Disney World

This is the first look at the new World of Avatar attraction at Disney World

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Walt Disney World’s World of Avatar isn’t scheduled to open to the public until May 27th, so the theme park-loving masses won’t be able to enjoy the new attraction until the end of the month. However, members of the press got a preview this weekend, and helpfully gave everyone a look at what to expect from Pandora and the lifeforms that live there.

These special looks come courtesy of, and help paint a clear picture of how ambitious the World of Avatar is. It makes sense; after all, the park has been in development since 2011, and Disney started construction of the area back in 2014. In that time, James Cameron has been able to bring his 2009 film to life, showcasing both the flora and fauna as part of projections, animatronic elements, and even food.

You can see that in the Na’vi River Journey clip above, which shows an incredibly lifelike Na’vi shaman. There’s also the bioluminescent night attraction:

And then there’s the Satu’li Canteen. I can’t say I was ever the biggest fan of Avatar when it was released, but the food has me intrigued.

All of this serves to reacquaint park visitors with the world Cameron created for the first Avatar, and helps promote the four upcoming follow-ups, the first hitting theaters in December 2020. In addition, UbiSoft announced at GDC this year that a new game set in the Avatar universe is in development.