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Google launches ‘Street View ready’ program for 360-degree cameras

20 Google-approved cameras are due to hit the market this year


Google this week announced a certification program for a new line of “Street View ready” 360-degree cameras. In a blog post published Tuesday, the company said that 20 certified cameras launching this year will make it easier for users to capture and upload Street View imagery.

The certification program covers four categories of 360-degree cameras. Street View mobile ready cameras can upload photos to Street View through a mobile app; auto-ready cameras are designed for cars; VR-ready devices capture geometry for VR content; and workflow-ready cameras feature tools for publishing to Street View accounts. Upcoming cameras from 18 manufacturers have been certified under the program so far, including products from Samsung, GoPro, and Matterport.


Street View Product Manager Charles Armstrong said in the blog post that the certified cameras will make it easier to publish “high-quality, interactive imagery” directly through the Street View app. He added that the 20 cameras certified so far will be available “over the coming months.”