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CBS All Access and Showtime now available as a $15 bundle

CBS All Access and Showtime now available as a $15 bundle


Not big savings, but still savings

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Starting today, CBS is offering a combined digital subscription that includes both CBS All Access and Showtime. The package costs either $14.99 with limited commercials for CBS content or $18.99 for no CBS ads at all. The Showtime side of things is commercial-free in both cases.

All Access includes a live CBS feed in select cities and on-demand access to the network’s current hits and vault of older programming. Showtime is much the same; you get both a live stream — in all markets this time — and on-demand shows and movies.

The All Access service is usually $5.99/month with ads or $9.99 without. Showtime’s standalone subscription typically runs $10.99. A quick analysis of those prices shows you’re not saving a whole lot of money by going with this new option from CBS; we’re really talking about a couple bucks at most. If you’re already a big CBS fan, perhaps it makes sense. We all know how those monthly subscriptions can add up fast. It’s also worth looking into PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, or Hulu’s new TV service. All three include CBS programming and also offer Showtime as an optional, premium add-on to your monthly package.

Or, you know, there’s cable.